Hi, I’m Mariah, the recipe creator and blog writer for thefarmchicken.com.

Welcome to a little glimpse of life on a ND farm. I am a Jesus saved, farm wife, mother, Nutrition and Dietetic Technician, Registered (NDTR), recipe creator, chicken lady, and children’s book author!

I love living out here in the middle of nowhere and most people would probably think, “Yuck” but to me it is a prairie paradise…at least most of the time. Have you ever been in ND for a whole winter?! Ha.

I am so glad you are here! I want this to be a beautiful farm inspired space where people can come and learn new skills and perfect old ones. A space where they can see and appreciate life on the farm. Welcome to TheFarmChicken. <3

Recipe Creator

The recipes you will find on my blog are tried and true! Some from my childhood, family recipes, and recipes that I have critiqued (along with my husband’s help), to be just so.

I found a love for sourdough baking right before, (like literally a month before) it became popular during the 2020 Pandemic. So, there is plenty about sourdough! My favorite way to make breads! You’ll have to meet Agnes too, it’s my sourdough starter, and “she” would love to teach you all about sourdough bread!

The recipes are all broken down into these fun categories:

Rise ‘n Shine

The Dinner Bell

Something Sweet

Everything Sourdough

Fancy Farm Food (Such a fun one!)

I am sharing recipes from our farm to your home. Enjoy!

Life on the Farm

Come along and experience life on the farm. It’s sprinkled throughout the blog and a special look at Farming in the Farming section. I am not an expert in agriculture, but I wanted a little area on TheFarmChicken where you could go to learn about farming. So that is just what the “Farming” section is all about!

I love the lifestyle and find agriculture interesting in so many ways! A look at it through a farm wife’s eyes and experience.

Nutrition | Nutrition and Dietetic Technician, Registered

What does that mean anyway. Basically, I went to college for dietetics, and I am registered through the American Dietetic Association to provide health education to the general healthy population.

One way I enjoy doing this through TheFarmChicken is sharing vs posts where you can see two food items compared. Check some of them out here!

Children’s Book Author

The newest one to the list. I am currently in the process of writing my first children’s book. A fun and quirky story about a farm chicken: The Farm Chicken’s New Shoes. The book is literally my childhood imagination in book form. I’m so excited to share it with you! You can follow along with the behind the scenes and fun chicken content on IG: @thefarmchickensnewshoes

Reach out:

I’d love to hear from you! You can reach out on any of the socials below or send me an e-mail at [email protected] .

Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

Psalms 37:4

Fall Bio

Fun Facts on the Farm

What we grow

Wheat, canola and Soybeans

Our favorite chicken breeds

Buff orpington & Easter eggers

Favorite thing to photograph

fields at sunset

Where this all began

I started this blog with the hope for a creative outlet; sharing our life on the farm in the middle of the prairie. Also, sharing my love for food- cooking, baking, preserving, nutrition and more. I hope that other people will be inspired and find a desire to learn about the farm and new recipes they can share with their families and friends. Sharing farming, homemaking, recipes and our faith in God. I’m glad you are here!