My Top 5 Favorite Baby Items

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At first when I sat down to write this blog post I was going to give you the top 10 baby items but then after some thought I decided to go with my top 5 favorite baby items.

When it came to buying baby items I wanted to go about it in a way that I got what we needed without spending more or having all sorts of things just laying around the house. Babies are only little for a little while and then they are on to the next phase. This leaves you trying to find somewhere to store all the extras that maybe got a few months use. I really do think we did a great job at this and so far; our house is not overrun by mountains of baby stuff and toys!

It’s so fulfilling when you can find something good quality at a reasonable price and it functions well and it in some cases does so in multiple ways! So let’s get to it and see what I have for you!

Like I have said before please ask questions. I love hearing from you!

Note: I have placed this in order from my favorite to my very favorite. I always like to know this when reading similar articles. I thought I would cut out the need to guess.

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5. Little Unicorn Burb Cloths

Little Unicorn Burb Cloth
This is the Poppy pattern

Okay guys, are you sick of the small burb clothes that get saturated after only one spit up episode? So little that you almost never catch spit up before it hits you, the couch, the floor, etc…etc… These burb cloths are the best! I have a few different kinds of burb cloths and these by far top them all. I always get a little excited when I see this one washed and ready to be used again. It’s the small things that really can bring so much joy! Ha Here are a couple reasons they are so great:

  • Bigger than your average burb cloth
  • Super absorbent (you don’t have to have 10 burp cloths sitting around)
  • There is a notch in them so they sit on your shoulder better. (This also helps when nursing if you lay it under baby to catch any surprise burped up milk)
  • They come in so many cute and fun designs.

Also, when I was looking further into this brand I noticed that they have other products like drool bibs which I think I might have to try as we have a drooler on our hands!

4. The Itzy Ritzy Pacifier

Itzy Ritzy Pacifier

These pacifiers are great! I was skeptical at first because it didn’t really look like the ones I had seen a lot of people use. It ended up being our favorite one! As our little girl has gotten bigger they are easy for her to hold with the nice loop in the back and they are very cute too! I also find that she hasn’t had any issues going back and forth from this pacifier to breastfeeding which I was a little worried about at first. They also come in nice colors and a few different styles.

3. JJ Cole Bundle Me

JJ Cole Car Seat Cover

One thing about looking for baby items is there are so many variations of the same thing! I was looking for which car seat cover to get. We needed something warm as we live in North Dakota and the winters are so cold! I looked at quite a few and then I found this one. It was different so I wasn’t sure if I’d like it but the concept of the baby being able to be “tucked” away inside of this type of cover was interesting to me and seemed like it could be so warm.

It has worked so well for us, is warm and functional and it is machine washable! We went with the grey color. It comes in 4 different colors.

Even though we knew we were having a girl I tried to stay gender neutral on the things that could be used on multiple children if we are to have any more children and we have a boy. Once again trying our best to be smart about purchasing baby items to last and be functional for more than one child.

2. Baby Swing and Rocker

Graco Swing

So I found myself with my baby about 8 weeks old and a struggle to be able to get much done other than change diaper, feed, and hold her to nap. I say this and no I am for sure not complaining. What better way to heal from a rough delivery but by baby snuggles. It was also the dead of winter and the perfect weather to be curled up with a blanket and our sweet baby!

With all this being said I still needed to make supper for my husband and keep things clean and organized as much as I could. I would set her down after falling asleep and maybe she would stay sleeping for 30 minutes but most of the time it was much less. So one night my husband and I decided to go ahead and splurge and get a swing in hopes that she would get better naps.

As, I mentioned earlier we really wanted to go with the minimal amount of baby “gadgets” so this wasn’t something we originally thought we would need but like a lot of things in life plans change. So I spent a few hours the next day researching swings and reading all the reviews until I decided on this one. The Graco DuetSoothe Baby Swing and Rocker. Let me just say it has been such a help!

She has enjoyed it so much and nap time turned into a positive thing not a… set her down and hope that the lack of rocking or being held disturbs her peaceful sleep. She gets good naps now and I am able to get more done.

I find this swing to be quiet and it has 5 speeds so you are able to find one that works well for your baby. It comes with a newborn insert as well so when they are teeny tiny they won’t end up lost in the seat. Another really awesome feature of this swing is that it doubles as a rocker for baby. So if you want to you can take it off the base and carry it to a different room or spot. We have done this and she also will fall asleep with us rocking the seat.

I hope I’m not forgetting anything else that we enjoy about this swing… click the picture to check it out.

Okay, so here we are. We have talked pacifiers, burb cloths and a few other things. So now for the top baby item that I love!!! Are you ready? Here it is!

1. The Halo Swaddle

Halo Swaddle Me
This is one size up from what we got when we left the hospital

I can’t say enough about how great these are and how much sleep they have saved us! It is by far, and my husband would agree, the best baby item we have!

The first one we got was actually sent home with us from the hospital. Being first time parents this was a blessing as I was overwhelmed with all the do’s and don’ts of how your baby should sleep. This swaddle works for newborns through to when they transition out of swaddling. We did have to get the next bigger size as our little girl has outgrown the first one. It is like a swaddle blanket but better. It has a zipper and Velcro wings to make it super snug. We have the micro-fleece style but if you have a summer baby they also sell them in cotton.

If you get nothing else that I mentioned you should definitely try these out if you haven’t already!

Comment below and let me let me know what your favorite baby/toddler item is!

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