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I feel as if nutrition is such a helpful tool in life. It is so important to eat the foods that give back to your body; helping it to function well. God created a vast and beautiful variety of foods, let’s learn how to use the food he created to nourish our bodies.

Mariah Nienhuis, NDTR

Behind the Nutrition

Hi, I’m Mariah

Welcome to TheFarmChicken. My name is Mariah, I am a wife and mother living on a farm in the middle of ND…wait, the middle of nowhere? Either way you look at it, it’s kind of the same thing. Some people would think “Yuck” but let me tell you, living out here is a dream come true and a prairie paradise. As I write this, I am sitting in one of my favorite spots with a view that goes on for miles. I am thankful.

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Nutrition Limiting Sweets

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Guide to limiting sweets

Do you struggle to not eat to many foods with added sugar? This is a big obstacle in our culture. I have created a free printable/program to help you eat added sweets in moderation.