Cleaning Supplies List for the Home

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Chicken Wire Curtain in a Clean Bathroom

I am still learning about how to care for our home and make it comfy and as clean and uncluttered as I would like. Within the topic of homemaking, I feel like cleaning is a huge part of the job as the caretakers of the home. Cleaning can make such a positive impact on our homes and family. This perspective has helped me in reaching some of my goals in this area. Another thing that helped me do a better job at housecleaning was having the right supplies. Let’s look at the cleaning supplies list for the home.

When I was first married, I struggled to know what tools would work best to make cleaning as “clean” and effective as possible. Thankfully I had some sort of base because of the way my mom cleaned. I think if we were all honest, we would have some part of the way we clean that we learned from our moms. I think that is great!

So, what supplies do you need to keep your home clean, comfortable and inviting? Below is a list of the different things that I use in our home. I hope it helps you make your home a more clean and comfortable space for your family. As I did more research and learned what worked for us, I acquired cleaning supplies that has helped so much!! When I was trying to figure out what to share when it came to caring for the home, I thought let’s start with what to clean with.

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Vacuum Cleaner(s)

We have three vacuum cleaners, a traditional, you push it with your muscle, and it goes, vacuum, a shop vac (this stays in the garage for the most part) and also a robot vacuum cleaner. Necessary to have all three? Probably not, but they have their place. The traditional vacuum cleaner that we have is good for the deep cleaning, stairs and when you have just a small area to get.

Our robot vacuum, I actually got for my birthday one year…exciting huh? Really it was a great gift and I love how it goes around cleaning while I am working on something else! Makes life more efficient. Also, they are great because they can get to areas that you can’t easily get to with a traditional vacuum. Do I find it worth it? Yes! Watch for a sale or ask for it as a gift but either way it is a welcome addition to helping keep your home clean.

The shop vac is so helpful in areas that you would rather not haul your house vacuum around for. Things like garage cleaning and for cleaning your car. If you live on a farm, it works well for cleaning inside machinery, grain bins and other ways. Another benefit of a shop vac is most are able to vacuum up wet and dry. We have the Craftsman Brand and I like them! They seem to have better suction than some other brands I have tried.


Such a funny one…a bucket. Haha It might seem obvious, but a bucket is so helpful. I also use mine for a “caddy” to carry my toilet brush, toilet cleaner and all-purpose bathroom cleaner. The one that is linked is similar to mine but not the same color. I like the oblong shape which allows you to carry things in it more efficiently.

A faucet and soap dispenser in a clean bathroom


  • Barkeepers Friend
    • Great for many areas of the house but I use it mainly to clean kitchen things like my sink and stove top.
  • Dawn Dish Soap
    • I use this in a few areas around the home…the kitchen for cleaning up the stove, etc. and washing dishes. I also have a soap pump in our entry room bathroom for when my husband comes home with dirty hands. It cuts the grease well.
  • 409 All Purpose Cleaner
    • I like using this cleaner for bathroom counters, toilets and showers.
  • Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Leather Conditioner
  • Windex
  • Clorox Lemon Bleach
    • I don’t use bleach a lot, but I do use some when laundering kitchen towels and other random cleaning needs that come up.
  • Mr. Clean All Purpose Cleaner
    • This is my favorite for using on hard surface floors. A little goes a long way. I just put a splash in my mop bucket, and that is all it takes.
  • Oxi Clean Stain Stick
    • This is my go-to for stain remover for clothes. I usually try to get it scrubbed into the stain a few hours before I actually wash it. It seems to do the trick on most stains and if it doesn’t work the first time, I will skip drying it, treat it again, and then wash again. Repeat this until the stain is gone.


I have tried a few mops and this one is by far my favorite! I like that it is small enough to fit in small places and you can scrub well with it. The way the bucket is made it lets you use only clean water, and the dirty water is “discarded” in a different part of the bucket. And let’s be honest… it is also fun to use the spinner to get rid of the excess water!

Broom & Dust Pan

A staple in any home! This is the one I have and it has done the job well. I also have found it handy to have a small broom and dustpan for things like cleaning out the highchair and little jobs like that.

Toilet Brush

A toilet brush is a toilet brush…is a toilet brush. They are pretty much all the same. However, it is helpful I think when the brush has a holder.

Multi-Purpose Towels

Stacked Microfiber Cloths for Cleaning

 I love these! Great for cleaning just about every surface, and so much more economical than using paper towels. I just keep a basket in my laundry room when I use them and when they stack up I wash them all together. They come in different colors to so you can coordinate color with cleaning need. This is what I do…

  • Orange: Miscellaneous
  • Yellow: Kitchen
  • Blue: Garage
  • Green: Bathroom

Norwex Widow Cleaning Cloth

I have one of these and use it for cleaning mirrors and windows. I have a couple other Norwex cloths to, but they really don’t seem to be worth the hype, that’s just me. The window cloth though I do really like!

Remember it doesn’t take a lot of different supplies or fancy ones to make your home clean and comfortable for you and your family. The most helpful is probably a cleaning plan, simple collection of supplies, motivation, and elbow grease! More to come on a helpful cleaning plan! Stay tuned!

Comment below what your favorite cleaning supplies are for a clean home or let me know which one I mentioned that you are thinking about trying.

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