Cut chocolate brownies

Something Sweet

Here you will find Recipes from the Farm to satisfy your sweet tooth. Moderation is best when it comes to desserts and treats but a little something sweet is just right. I hope you find something that you can enjoy when finishing a meal.

Behind the recipes

Hi, I’m Mariah

Welcome to TheFarmChicken. I am a wife and mother living on a farm in the middle of ND…wait, the middle of nowhere? Either way you look at it, it’s kind of the same thing. Some people would think “Yuck” but let me tell you, living out here is a dream come true and a prairie paradise. As I write this, I am sitting in one of my favorite spots with a view that goes on for miles. I am thankful.

More about Mariah
standing in a wheat field in ND

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  • Something Sweet (Desserts and Snacks)
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