My Favorite Tools for TheFarmChicken Kitchen

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Say that 5 times fast. 🙂

The links to my favorite kitchen tools are in the titles if you would like to shop! I didn’t list the tools in any particular order. They all have their place in the kitchen.

I did a poll on Instagram and this topic won for the next blog post topic, My Favorite Tools for TheFarmChicken Kitchen. Enjoy!

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1. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

Mixer (kitchen tool) on counter

Mixers are handy in the kitchen. Whip up cookies quickly, knead bread dough, make frosting, whip cream, make butter, the list could go on and on. We got our mixer for our wedding from my husband’s parents. We have the 6-quart and I like the extra room. Especially when mixing up double batches. It has been put to good use in those 7 years! I have a red one and I love it. It goes well with my strawberries throughout my baking area.  Definitely one of my favorite kitchen tools!

If you need a recipe to use your mixer; try these!

2. Garlic Press

Ours is from Pampered Chef. My mother-in-law gave it to me as a gift and we use it a lot. No more trying to get garlic finely minced. It even has a little tool to help clean it out and its dishwasher safe.

3. Pocket Potholders

Pocket Potholders

My favorite potholders are the pocket potholders. I love how they are kind of like an oven mitt but not as much commitment. You can easily slip them on and off and they help protect you from burning the back of your hand. With the extra layers they are great for setting a hot pan on. I love them so much I have made some to share with you! Check them out!

4. Smithey Cast Iron Pans

12-inch Skillet

My husband is the one that got us started on cast iron. Before that we used nonstick pans. They started to chip and that is when he mentioned that maybe we should try cast iron. We both did research and decided on Smithey…kind of an investment but they have been worth it. Now it is all we use for frying and grilling. If we have a highly acidic dish, we will use something else until we build up a really good seasoning on our pans. We have the 5.5-quart Dutch oven, 12-inch skillet, and the 12-inch griddle.

5. Tupperware Measuring Cups and Spoons

I have two sets of measuring cups and spoons and I always reach for my Tupperware ones. There is just something about them; easy to measure with and dump. Also, they include so many sizes which makes it convenient. The ones linked aren’t exactly like the ones I have-I think they are the latest style they have out right now. I have the style they had 7 years ago.

6. Mason Jar Lids

I’m not talking about the ones you use to can with but the ones that are geared towards storage. They are handy from anything to storing dry goods to using in the fridge once you open a canned good. We like them! The regular mouth size is linked above- here is the wide mouth size.

7. OXO Spatula

This spatula is one that we have had since we got married and it has held up so well! My favorite! I found it in red. Here’s a set that is similar and a better deal.

8. Nesting Mixing Bowls

Dry Ingredients in a blue bowl (kitchen tool)
Using one of the bowls to make “Handle Cookies”

This might seem like an obvious one, but I didn’t have it on my registry when we got married. I got some as a gift from a friend of the family. The bowls are used pretty much daily, and they are easy to clean and use. Linked is a similar option, but I wasn’t able to find my exact set.

9. Flat Bottom Spoon

Okay, so this one seems unnecessary I know. But hear me out. You need that spoon that can do it all if you are in a pinch and this one is it. I use it to stir milk-based sauces that like to stick and burn to the bottom of the pan, to make scrambled eggs and so much more. Do you like using a flat bottom spoon in your kitchen?

10. Pop Up Canisters

Pop up canisters (kitchen tool) on counter while baking cookies
Pop Up Canisters in the background

When I first got married finding a set of canisters for flours and sugars for the baking area in my kitchen was not easy. Most were two small, some too expensive. In the end I went ahead and got these, they have worked great! I use the 5.5-quart-size for bread and all-purpose flour, the 4-quart size for white and brown sugar (it keeps the brown sugar very soft) and the 2.4-quart size for whole wheat flour.

What is one of your favorite kitchen tools? Comment below.

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