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Do you want to invest in all the sourdough tools right away?? It’s okay if you don’t want to. That was me in the beginning. I was like “What if this isn’t something that I enjoy doing?”. I didn’t want to invest in everything right away and it turns out I didn’t need to, to make good bread. As I got more interested, I did start buying some of the tools. They do help but aren’t necessary to get started. Let’s look at what sourdough bread tools you can buy and what you can substitute for them if you aren’t ready to invest in a specific tool right from the start.

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Sourdough Bread Lame

Bread Lame from Ballerina Farms

What I used at first: a sharp knife

What I use now: Ballerina Farms Bread Lame – Always nice to support small businesses when you can!

I also used one before the one I currently have, and I did not like it as much. It was harder to handle and didn’t work as nicely. I would recommend a short handled one or one that is disc like. The longer handle just seemed to get in the way.

Dutch Oven

What I used at first: a baking stone and water

What I use now: a Smithey Dutch Oven

When you click on the link for the Smithey Dutch Oven you are probably going to say “Wow”. And you are right, they are expensive. Here are some reasons we really like the brand and the products they create.

  • It is cookware that should last a long, long time. They have a lifetime quality guarantee.
  • Smithey is an American made product.
  • Their product is heirloom quality – I love the idea of family heirlooms and something to pass down to our children.
  • I love the finish, smooth and easy to cook with and clean.
  • Aesthetically, Smithey is an attractive design. It looks great on the stove and on the table.
Bannetons with bread dough in them


What I used at first: 2 medium size plastic bowls with a tea towel that I cut in half.

What I use now: Ballerina Farms Bannetons – Same place my bread lame is from

Bench Scraper

I don’t use a bench scraper. I use my hands and it seems to work fine for me.

Gram Scale

What I did at first: When I first started with sourdough I would just convert the recipes with Googles’ help to standard measurements…1 cup, 1 T., etc… instead of using grams as the measurement. Honestly this is probably an area that would have just been worth it to invest in the grams scale. Once you get used to it, it’s an easy way to measure ingredients. No need to dirty measuring cups or spoons. Less dishes to do is a good enough reason for me! I use my scale not only for sourdough baking but in a lot of other ways in the kitchen.

What I use now: I’ll see if I can find the same gram scale I have now. It was gifted to me and is what I have been using. Here it is!

Pocket Potholders

Pocket Potholders with Flowers

It is a good idea to have a potholder or oven mitt that covers the back of your hand when getting the bread out of the Dutch oven. Not necessary but definitely helpful!

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